How to reach us

B&B Maria Marì address is: Vico San Nicola alla Carità 5, 80134 Naples - Italy

From Central Station (Napoli Centrale): take the metro line 1 (suggested) and get off at Toledo stop. From there walk to Piazza Carità, Vico san Nicola alla Carità is the first street on the left after the square (7-8 min);

take the metro line 2 (direction Pozzuoli) and get off at Montesanto stop. From there you can reach the B and B by foot in 5 minutes.

From Capodichino airport: the airport offers a shuttle service (Alibus) to the center of Naples (3 euro). Get off at Piazza Municipio and follow Via Toledo to Piazza Carità (15 minutes).

Predetermined price by taxi 22 euros (including luggage).

For those who arrive by car: You can use the garage located in via dei Fiorentini (Piazza Municipio) price in euros
in convention with B and B 18-25/24h depending on the type of car. Cheaper prices are offered by the municipal parking in Via Brin (at the entrance of the city on Via Marina)

Bed & Breakfast Maria Marì - Vico San Nicola alla Carità 5, 80134 Napoli - E-mail:
Tel: +39.346.2148336 | +39.380.7665488 (English spoken. Only for general informations) | Fax: +39.081.5528386

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